Sunday, January 22, 2012

Skipping The Supermarket.

One of my favorite blogs is Little Eco Footprints. I was reading about her commitment to skipping the supermarket this year and it got me thinking about how much I enjoy sourcing our food.

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Just yesterday I dropped in on my friends Nina and Ben who run Taranaki Farm to pick up some eggs. I also got my weekly supply of  local, raw milk from Nature's Garden. Mark, the owner of the store who I chat with regularly when I'm there, asked after Willow who had taken a tumble on the footpath a few days previous. I went to the local farmers market where we are on a first name basis with the woman that does the face painting. My kids played with the other kids at the market, both old friends and new, climbing trees and eating sausages.

Last week when I went to choose my monthly lot of meat Udi already had the rump steaks out, knowing they are a family favorite. I delight in seeing my kids faces light up when there is an abundance of their favorite fruit or vegetable at the market. We sometimes catch up with friends for a play and a coffee at Ceres before grabbing supplies.The staff  at Fruit Peddlers ,where we get our groceries, are always welcoming to my girls and carry my boxes out to the car.

I love shopping outside in the weather. It's real and keeps us connected to the seasons. Gumboots and coats in winter and dresses and hats in summer. We eagerly await the strawberry stalls as the season for berries begins-and they taste even sweeter when we first get to eat them each year. I love that I can combine shopping with friends. I don't thing pushing a trolley up an aisle would be a place I would like to meet a friend but to wander the market stalls and have a coffee afterwards while the kids play is lovely. I love that I am on first name basis with the farmers who produce my meat, milk and eggs. I like paying them what they are worth so they can treat the animals well.

But mostly I love seeing my kids connect with food. It is something that is grown and harvested. It is seasonal. Rea food and businesses that support it are worthy of our support.

Skip the supermarket? Sure. I'm in.
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